# Book Review #The Woman in the Park by Teresa Sorkin and Tullan Holmqvist

Sarah Rock appears to lead a sad and lonely life, despite living in a beautiful and spacious apartment in Upper East Side Manhatten and being able to go to museums, art exhibitions and social events she used to love so much. Her children have been sent to attend a boarding school and she is missing […]

# Book Review # The Whisper Man by Alex North

If you are lonely, sad, and blue, the Whisper Man will come for you… Dark, creepy, eery… Today is the publication day for Alex North’s debut crime novel which has already received a lot of attention. My expectations were really high and the book did not disappoint. It kept me up for hours with its […]

#Sunday Morning for Kids # A warm Friendship # Bruno has a hundred friends

# Sunday Morning for Kids is a variation on the meme started by Rae Longest at Powerful Women Readers. Both books I read and would like to present today are on the topic of friendship. In my opinion, they are most suitable for older children due to the issues they deal with. A warm friendship Ellen […]

Five reasons why reading to children is SUPER important!

Originally posted on Ragamuffin Books:
We all know that reading to children is important and that we should do it. But do you ever wonder why it’s so important? Other than the fact that it will improve literacy? See below to see some reasons and get motivated to start reading! 1. Reading teaches empathy in…

‘Books live your life while you live theirs’ # ‘Reading quirks’ by the Wild Detectives

What is the strangest thing you’ve done for the love of reading? I once read a book… half an hour at a time, 20-30 pages at most, for two weeks…in a bookshop! I’d come, read a bit, sigh at how expensive it was and leave… After two weeks somebody bought the book. Can you imagine […]

Top Ten Tuesday -Places mentioned in the books that I would like to visit

I’m going to jump on the TTT wagon as recommended by  Ich lese . The original idea comes from Jana That Artsy Reader Girl who hosts these weekly challenges (see her blog for more info and upcoming topics). 1 Sicily of Andrea Camilleri and Palermo of Simonetta Hornby 2 Dublin of Tana French 3 Idaho from Rachel Gibson […]

In blossom – the beauty of a spring day

‘In blossom’ is a gentle and dreamy book with gorgeous minimalist pictures. It has this uncanny ability to take you from whatever emotions you have been experiencing and transport you into a spring garden on a ’breeze-blowing’, ‘sun-twinkling day’. There are two characters in the book. Cat has just found a perfect spot for her […]

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