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#Blog Tour #Retribution (DCI Jane Birchfield series) by Heaton Wilson #Police Procedural @rararesources


An ex-soldier is mown down in a brutal hit and run. Was it an accident, or an act of murder?

DCI Jane Birchfield isn’t sure. She is struggling to stay focussed after a surprise marriage proposal, and is still waiting for news about a promotion. But she has to push it all to one side as the investigation swiftly escalates into the biggest challenge she has ever faced, bringing her into conflict with her superiors, her partner, and the British Army. She’s tested to the absolute limit, and for the very first time, finds herself asking whether it’s worth the sacrifice. Can she survive the pressure as the harsh reality of military conflict hits the streets of Ashbridge?

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My thoughts:
This is my second book by Heaton Wilson and the third one in his excellent series of police procedurals featuring DCI Jane Birchfield and her team. It is better to read them in order as the team talk about and deal with the aftermath of the previous cases, but you can start from later books as well.
As it was the case with the previous book Whatever It Takes we are thrown into action straightawayby witnessing a car deliberately hit a man. The perpetrator then checks that the victim is dead and leaves the crime scene. We know that this hit and run is a murder, but, of course, it isn’t obvious to the police. Then a second similar case occurs and there is aclear connection between the two victims. The race to stop further murders by figuring out the motive and the identity of the killer begins…
The best part of this book for me is the team and its likeable and realistic members. Starting from Jane herself who is honest and considerate. Her relationship troubles are far from being over and the position of Superintendent that was all but promised to her goes to somebody less competent. Her team all have their own fascinating storylines.
The pace was excellent and the whole book is written in an extremely engaging way. The case isn’t staightforward and we get to learn what it was all about together with the team, as they painstakingly and meticulously do their job.
Great addition to a fantastic series which I cannot recommend high enough. Can’t wait to read the next book!
Thank you to Rachel from Rachel’s Random Resources, the publsher and the author for the review copy provided in exchange for an honest opinion.


Author Bio

I have been a newspaper journalist, a postman, a public relations officer, a consultant, an actor, a director, a playwright. And I have always kept writing.

I always felt I could write a novel. And I did! The first book in my crime fiction series featuring DCI Jane Birchfield, Every Reason, came out in 2016.  Whatever It Takes was published in 2021; and the third book (which follows on where Whatever It Takes ends) is nearing completion.

I’m from Manchester but now live on the Isle of Wight, where the sea is never far away. It’s the perfect place to be creative, and to walk the dogs.

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