#Mini Book Reviews #Reading For Kids

Reading for Kids is a meme started by Rae Longest at Powerful Women Readers. I usually post these on Sundays, but as we read picture books every day, Monday is as good day as any to share our new finds. My Ocean is Blue by Darren Lebeuf and Ashley Barron From the blurb: “This is my […]

#Sunday Morning Reading for Kids # Munchy Munchy Cookbook for Kids by Pierre Lamielle

What makes good food taste good? A team of tastes and flavors of course! Fun illustrations and quirky characters bring the kitchen to life. Join Pierre Lamielle on a kitchen adventure as he introduces you to the Munchy Munchy Gang, a team of characters here to educate kids on the art of cooking and the […]

# Sunday Morning For Kids # Don’t drink the pink by B.C.R.Fegan and Lenny Fen

What kind of magic ability did you wish for when you were a child? Sweet, lovely, original… reading this book made me feel quite emotional, although it is almost impossible to explain why without giving away the secret of the pink potion… Madeline is very close to her grandfather. Everybody considers him a bit crazy, […]

# Sunday Morning for Kids #The way to Treasure Island by Lizzy Stewart

Is it possible to be best friends with a member of your family? Do you think it is easier to be friends with somebody who is similar to you in character or is your opposite? # Sunday Morning for Kids is a variation on the meme started by Rae Longest at Powerful Women Readers. I have […]

# Sunday Morning for Kids #Patience, Miyuki…Appreciate the beauty of the moment…

This is a variation on the meme started by Rae Longest at Powerful Women Readers. Thank you to Carla from Carla loves to read for wonderful posts encouraging people to share old and new favourite children’s books. The book I read today is the second story about a little girl called Miyuki. She is a lively […]

#Sunday Morning For Kids #Tales From Nature by Magali Attiogbé

Tales from Nature: Bee Join little bee as he gathers pollen from a flower, and makes honey with his friends. But what happens when the queen bee arrives? Introducing nature to little ones, Tales From Nature provides simple, entertaining storylines with an animal character as the focus. Bright and colorful illustrations are sure to engage young […]

a dreamy and surreal world of whales and child imagination

With its stunning watercolour illustrations, Ida and the Whale will take you on a journey into a dreamy world of a child’s imagination.  Ida is a quiet and curious child. She often sits outside her birch tree house and wonders if there is anything beyond the sun, the moon and the stars. One night she […]

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