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#Book Review #A Guide to Just Being Friends by Sophie Sullivan #Romance #Romcom @St.Martin’s Press

“Sophie Sullivan’s writing feels like a warm hug.” —Rachel Lynn Solomon, bestselling author of The Ex Talk
Hailey Sharp has a one-track mind. Get By the Cup salad shop off the ground. Do literally everything possible to make it a success. Repeat. With a head full of entrepreneurial ideas and a bad ex in her rearview, her one and only focus is living life the way she wants to. No distractions.

Wes Jansen never did understand the fuss about relationships. With a string of lackluster first dates and the pain from his parents’ angry divorce following him around, he’d much rather find someone who he likes, but won’t love. Companionship, not passion, is the name of the game.

When Hailey and Wes find each other in a disastrous meet cute that wasn’t even intended for them, they embarrassingly go their separate ways. But when Wes finds Hailey to apologize for his behavior, they strike a friendship. Because that’s all this can be. Hailey doesn’t want any distractions. Wes doesn’t want to fall in love.

What could possibly go wrong?

Publisher: St.Martin’s Griffin
Publication date: 17/1/23
Purchase link
ISBN 9781250624208, 1250624207

My thoughts:

A lovely final book in a delightful series featuring three brothers and their different ways to Happily-ever-after. If you loved 10 Rules For Faking it and How to Love Your Neighbour, you must have been waiting impatiently for this third and final book. If you are new to Sophie Sullivan’s romcoms, don’t worry, it can definitely be read as a standalone.

Hailey Sharp is a ray of sunshine- sweet and independent, Hailey never complains or relies on other people to solve her problems. Instead of wallowing in misery after her emotionally-abusive relationship came to an end, Hailey sold her apartment, moved to a new town and opened a business of her own. Now what she really needs is to focus on making her salad bar successful and …finding friends, becoming a part of this lovely, vibrant community.

Wes Jansen has decided to follow his brothers to California and continue building their cybersecurity/investment business as far as possible from their father. Unlike Chris and Noah he doesn’t want love and family, as they are too difficult to predict and control. He doesn’t even want to date casually. What he needs is a friend, and luckily he already has a perfect candidate for that- Hailey, after their embarrassing meet-cute. All they have to do is set their boundaries and not let their feelings grow in (un)predictably romantic ways….

If friends-to-lovers happens to be your favourite trope, you know how often it is about old childhood friends or schoolmates or a best friend’s brother/sister. Sophie Sullivan explores something else here – two people who maybe perfect for each other, but aren’t ready to date seriously not this specific person, but anyone. Hailey’s just started her business and needs time to forget her ex’s lies, Wes is …very rigid and uptight. They both have parents issues (very different, but with the same outcome)-the author writes about something realistic and relatable, but in a light-hearted, entertaining way. Relationships of all kinds, romantic and otherwise, take time, work, effort, and heart.

Recommended to anyone who likes slow-burn romance, sweet, likeable characters (both main and secondary), and happily-ever-afters. Can’t wait to read Sophie Sullivan’s next book!

Thank you to NetGalley and St.Martin’s Press for the review copy, provided in exchange for an honest opinion.


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