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#Shy Girls Can’t Date Billionaires by Milly Rose #YA #Enemies to Lovers #Billionaire #Sweet Romance (Shy Girls Sweet Romances) @Xpresso Book Tours

Shy Girls Can’t Date Billionaires
Milly Rose
Publication date: September 5th 2022
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Young Adult

I never existed until the wrong guy took notice…

I was born shy. And near him, I fall apart. No wonder he can’t stand the sight of me.

After a fire destroys our home, my family is taken in by a billionaire tycoon. His mansion has countless bedrooms, yet my room is next door to his son, Thomas Ashworth III. Yes, he’s as pompous as the name suggests. And, for some reason, he hates my guts.

Even though his arrogance drives me crazy, his chiseled features turn me into a stammering, awkward mess. I hate being stuck with someone I can’t stand. And when he does something unexpectedly kind, it confuses my heart.

When I bump into him in the middle of the night, I’d never guess it lead to us sharing secrets.

He’s impossible to get out of my head. But he wouldn’t consider dating someone like me. Would he?

You will love Christie and Ash. They are stuck together in forced proximity, becoming practically roommates. He is a billionaire, alpha male type who is learning to love. She is the new girl in school, dealing with past trauma. Together they will go from enemies to lovers in an adorable young adult romance.

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My thoughts:

Tell me the book has the ‘Enemies-to-Lovers’ main plotline and I’m sold! But there’s so much more going on with this one: ‘Opposites Attract’, ‘New girl-Popular Guy’, ‘Forced Proximity’ and ‘High School/Mean Girls’- there’s something for everyone in this smörgåsbord of romance tropes. Just beware, this is a YA book with sixteen-year-old protagonists -so if you happen to like a ‘Workplace romance/Capable assistant secretly pines for her billionaire boss’ story-sorry, this one isn’t on the menu today.

When Christie’s house burns down and her family loses everything, her father’s boss Mr Ashworth offers a temporary residence in his mansion. Yay! Who hasn’t dreamt of living like a billionaire just for a day? add Christie’s Dad’s promotion, and no wonder Christie’s parents are totally charmed. She, on the other hand, is too busy trying to work out what Mr Ashworth’s son’s problem is. One moment Thomas would like nothing better than see the back of Christie’s family, next, he’s all kind and sympathetic. He’s also a drop-dead-gorgeous, undisputed king of Christie’s new school, where she (as usual) is struggling to make new friends. But then again maybe Thomas or Ash as everybody calls him has his own share of worries and disappointments and being with a shy listener can help?

The book is all written from Christie’s point of view, so, if you are/were shy at school and didn’t find it easy to meet new people and open up to strangers, you will relate. Also, there’s quite a lot of first love/ high school drama, so again get ready for some misunderstandings, heated arguments, inexplicable conclusions drawn out of sero evidence, and, of course, Mean Girls. Since I don’t think there is anything wrong with being shy, I am more than happy to see more rep for this trait! I love the way Milly Rose gave Christie a perfect creative outlet- painting. Ash also has a passion of his own- I would have loved to see more of his nerdy side and how it matches her artistic one.

Christie and Ash are sixteen, so obviously they still have a long way from having everything worked out in life. I didn’t find it too credible the way Mr Ashworth provided for everything or some of Mrs Ashworth’s actions, while Ash relied on his parents’ money a bit too much- it would have worked if the protagonists were older.

Overall, it was a very quick and easy read. Although I would have prefered more humour, Milly Rose did capture how important family dynamics and school relationships are at sixteen. Hope we’re getting Ash’s sister Nessa’s story next!

Thank you to NetGalley and Xpresso Book Tours for the review copy provided in exchange for an honest opinion.

Author Bio:

Milly Rose is an animal-loving romance enthusiast with a swoon-inducing book formula. Shy girl + hot guy + first kisses. Her YA sweet romance books will have you falling in love every instalment. Milly Rose is the quintessential shy girl, who you can contact via her mailing list and reply to her monthly email blasts! Milly spends her days vying for her cat’s affection, dreaming up her next book boyfriend, and writing a fun meet-cute under candlelight with a lovely brewed cup of tea.


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