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#Book Review #When We Meet Again by Jill Steeples #Clean Romance #paranormal @Boldwood Books

‘Sweet, funny, heartbreaking but uplifting at the same time. I absolutely LOVED this book.’

Alice Fletcher doesn’t like to take chances and she certainly doesn’t believe in fate. Three years after the end of her last long-term relationship, she’s in no hurry to risk another heartbreak.
But fate has other plans. One day, on her drive home, Alice comes across a man, dazed and lost, by the side of a wrecked car. And with no one else around, Alice goes to help.
TV star Jimmy Mack is riding the crest of the career wave one minute, and the next he’s staring at his crashed car. But when Alice comes to rescue him, things start to look up.
What Alice and Jimmy discover next changes everything. Fate might have marked them out for each other, but somehow their destinies have got tangled. Will they get their happily-ever-after, or might their time together be shorter than either of them would hope…
Join Jill Steeples for this truly ‘out of this world’ romance and a love story to remember. Perfect for fans of Jessica Redland, Cathy Bramley and Miranda Dickinson.

Publication Date: May 12th, 2022
Publisher: Boldwood Books
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My thoughts:
A sweet story which is also very difficult one to review without giving spoilers!
I really liked Alice Fletcher, the protagonist- she is a hard-working, super-organised PA, someone I would imagine has to be quite down-to earth. At the same time she is kind and romantic. Alice is driving home on Friday the 13th (yes, there are paranormal elements in the story and it’s only fair to mention them), happily thinking about her upcoming weekend, when she sees a car which has been mangled by a horrific accident and a shell-shocked man sitting next to it. Alice doesn’t think twice before offering her assistance to Jimmy.

Even when she realises he is a TV celebrity, all she sees is someone who needs comfort and help in his admittedly more than unusual predicament. Gradually they get to know each other. There’s a special kind of trust, respect, and even tenderness that is growing between them, even when a scandal threatens to tarnish Jimmy’s reputation and only Alice is willing to do everything possible to clear his name. Jimmy is sweet, caring, and thoughtful- I dare any reader to try and not fall in love with him, but he has a unique kind of problem that sooner or later will force them to go their separate ways. Or won’t it?
A very quick, easy read, surprisingly uplifting, despite the sad circumstances in which the protagonists meet. A simple message of living your life to the fullest and taking care of people around you might be a bit predictable, but it is still true and it still helps to hear it again to make us look around and appreciate what we have. I also loved Jimmy’s words about everyone expecting (or at least hoping to) to meet The One, but it doesn’t mean there’s only one special person out there for you.
Looking forward to reading Jill’s next book!

Thank you to NetGalley and Boldwood books for the review copy provided in exchange for an honest opinion.


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