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Thank you to Rachel from Rachel’s Random Resources and Boldwood Books for inviting me to participate in the blog tour for Starting Over at Primrose Woods by Jill Steeples.

Starting Over at Primrose Woods

Abbey Carter should be feeling on top of the world.

She has the home of her dreams – a picturesque cottage just walking distance from her beloved Primrose Woods. She has a job she loves, great friends, and most exciting of all – a wedding dress hanging in her wardrobe ready to be worn.  So why does she feel so lonely… 
Lizzie Baker loves her job at the Treetops café in Primrose Woods, and she loves being a grandmother even more. If only she could face her fear of flying and see her granddaughter in person rather than on a screen.
Rhianna West is head over heels for her boyfriend Jay. She just wishes he could see her more regularly. His excuses are starting to wear thin, and Rhi’s dreams for the future are beginning to fade.
Can the fun and friendships, the picture-perfect scenery and rolling seasons in Primrose Woods help the women find the happy endings they deserve? After all anything is possible if you dare to dream…
An absolute treat of a book. Let Jill Steeples whisk you away into the beautiful countryside for the perfect feel-good comfort read. Just right for fans of Cathy Bramley, Heidi Swain and Julie Houston.

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My thoughts:

My first book by Jill Steeples and I’m so charmed know it won’t be the last. Sweet, cozy, relaxing, this book is full of lovely countryside views and decent people (with one very notable exception) on the brink of getting a second chance at love.
The three main female characters couldn’t have been more different. Abbey with her sweet and caring personality also carries a touch of vulnerability and sadness, perhaps due to missing her late mother. Deep down she knows her relationship with her fiance Jayson has seen more downs than ups recently. They are heading to the altar in just three weeks time, so should she even be listening to her heart which is telling that not everything is right? all of this despite having been together with Jason for twelve years! Confident and decisive Rhianna is so consumed with her whirlwind romance with Jay to have not time or energy to make friends in the place she moved to after graduating. There are warning bells ringing in her head too…Why is Jay being so secretive about them and when exactly will he be completely free of his nagging, petty ex? Fifty-nine-year-old Lizzy would love nothing more than to see her her daughter Katie who live in Australia. Her fear of flying is so debilitating that Lizzy’s only hope to properly meet her granddaughter Rosie is to wait for her Katie’s family to come over and visit her…Until she gets both good news and bad news. All three characters were charming and realistic, flawed and decent at the same time. They are a kind of people you would like to have as neighbours or even friends.
As you have already guessed the three stories are interwoven and are connected with each other through a lovely place- The Primrose Woods Park. I loved the descriptions of nature and fabulous walks..I can’t help thinking that the author had a particular place in mind she based these vigniettes on.
I really enjoy second chance romances and can often see myself at a crossroads moment of my life going through similar emotions or my friends second-guessing whether they are ever going to find an honest, reliable partner who is going to love and appreciate them. I also like the inclusion of two widowed protagonists who have a different kind of challenges.
If you like books with a small-town setting, but are a bit apprehensive of their way too common focus on gossip, rest assured Starting Over at Primrose Woods is nothing like that. What you get instead is healing nature, a sweet and playful dog, a traditional country pub, and lots of thoughtful, kind people, genuinely caring about each others’ feelings.
I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys low-angst books with clean romance in a lovely setting.
Definitely looking forward to reading more from this author!

Thank you to Rachel, Boldwood books and the author for the review copy, provided in exchange for an honest opinion.

Author Bio –

Jill Steeples is the author of many successful women’s fiction titles – most recently the Dog and Duck series – all set in the close communities of picturesque English villages. She lives in Bedfordshire.

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Thank you for reading the post! Have a lovely Monday and a wonderful new week!

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  1. This sounds really interesting Toni. I am curious to see how these stories connect and are woven together. Being a widow, I am interested in seeing how these women are portrayed and move forward. Wonderful review.

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