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#Happy Publication Day #How to Love Your Neighbor by Sophie Sullivan @St.Martin’s Griffin


A frothy, effervescent romantic comedy from the author of Ten Rules for Faking It, Sophie Sullivan delivers another read that will have you delighted from start to finish.
Interior Design School? Check. Cute little house to fix up? Also check.

Sexy, grumpy neighbor who is going to get in the way of all your plans? Check. Unfortunately.

Grace Travis definitely has it all figured out. In between finishing interior design school and working a million odd jobs, she’ll get her degree. She’ll have her dream job. And most importantly, she’ll have a place to belong, something her cold, manipulative mother could never make for her. When an opportunity to fix up—and live in—an adorable little house on the beach comes along, Grace is all in. Until her biggest roadblock moves in next door.

Noah Jansen knows how to make a deal. A real estate developer with a knack for betting and winning big, he’s not one to let a good opportunity slip away. So when a beachside house with great bones is ripe for a remodel, Noah doesn’t hesitate. Except in order to spruce it up properly (is it even a beach house if it doesn’t have a pool?), he’ll need to take over the house next door. The house with the willful and combative and way-too-intriguing woman living in it.

With the rules for being neighborly going out the window, Grace and Noah are in an all-out feud. But sometimes, your nemesis can turn out to be the person who shows you that home is always where the heart is.


Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin

Publication date: January 18, 2022

ISBN 9781250624185, 1250624185

Fiction / Romance / Romantic Comedy


My thoughts:

A new delightful romcom from Sophie Sullivan, the author of Ten Rules of Faking It.

I absolutely adore the enemies to lovers trope especially when it is as well-written as it is in this case.
The tension, the chemistry, the weird irresistible attraction which is a dead giveaway to what we the readers secretly know almost from the word Go- these ‘enemies’ are made for each other….Now if only they could see it themselves. But then we wouldn’t have this lovely romcom…so fight away, Grace and Noah!
Grace has inherited her grandparents’ old house on the beach which is a dream for a design student like her, someone who loves fixing things up. Unfortunately, Grace can’t afford the necessary renovations straightaway, despite doing lots of odd jobs to make the ends meet. When she sees her new next door neigbor Noah for the first time, she can’t help fancying him, but it turns out he is a property developer with an agenda of his own. Noah would love nothing better than to extend his own house by buying Grace’s without knowing how much it really means to this ‘stubborn’ girl. In a twist of fate a magazine offers to buy a house makeover story and they want Grace to be the designer…
I loved the way Sophie Sullivan created sweet, flawed, and relatable characters, both main and supporting ones (including Morty and Tilly).
Lighthearted, cute, romantic, How To Love Your Neighbour offers a great escape from the problems of our daily life and the misery of January weather. Recommended to all contemporary romance readers who enjoy the enemies-to -lovers trope.

Thank you to NetGalley and St.Martin’s Griffin for the review copy provided in exchange for an honest opinion.

SOPHIE SULLIVAN is a Canadian author as well as a cookie-eating, Diet Pepsi-drinking, Disney enthusiast who loves reading and writing romance in almost equal measure. She writes around her day job as a teacher and spends her spare time with her sweet family watching reruns of Friends. Ten Rules For Faking It is her romcom debut novel, but she’s had plenty of practice writing happily ever after as her alter ego, Jody Holford.


3 replies on “#Happy Publication Day #How to Love Your Neighbor by Sophie Sullivan @St.Martin’s Griffin”

  1. Wonderful review Toni. I enjoy enemies to lovers stories as well, I love watching HGTV and great dialogue, so that makes it inviting. The characters sound great. I am looking forward to reading/listening to this one.


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