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Book & Author Details:
Golden Crown
by Kathleen Mare’e
(Arthur Academy, #2)
Publication date: November 25th 2021
Genres: New Adult, Romance

“If the world is full of monsters, how do we know who wears the crown…” 

In the dark of the night he bared his soul, delivering a shocking event that should’ve changed everything. 

So why in the light of day, does everything appear the same…? 

The further I’m immersed in this world he calls the ‘elite’, the more I don’t understand. And it’s not only his world I’m afraid I’m falling for, but the Golden Crown himself as well.  

But Pax still has secrets.  

And I want him to trust me, like a flame wanting fire. 

Because despite his world being nothing as it seems, I’m not sure I could walk away even if I wanted to.  

Because the truth be told, I don’t want to. 

I want him. 

In the dark of the night I revealed a truth, delivering the brutal reality of what the elite really means. 

So why in the light of day, does everything appear the same…? 

It’s the same cat and mouse games, and the same political, power tricks where the Golden Crown is all they see. It’s all they want to see. 

Except for her. 

But there are things I can’t tell her. Things I don’t think she’ll understand yet. 

And I need her to trust me, like a fire needing flame. 

Because despite me knowing what this world does to those who fall victim to it, I’m not sure I could walk away from Hendrix, even if I wanted to.  

Because the truth be told, I don’t want to. 

I want her.

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Author Bio:

Kathleen grew up in the south-western suburbs of Sydney, where family holidays by the beach and tormenting her two younger brothers, was how she spent her early years. But at the young age of 11, when she submitted a short story to a talented writing competition through the NSW schools program, not only did she win it, but she quickly found a love for it as well.

Throughout her schooling, writing was a hobby, along with sketching and various sports. But fast forward to her adult years when she moved to Europe to follow her husbands field hockey dream, and her love for writing surged to the surface.

Her debut story, Cut, was penned over two years where her hobby seemed to lead to the completion of Pennys’ world. The rest of the series came the following year.

Kathleen enjoys writing stories full of self-discovery, emotional journeys and of course, love.

Something else she loves is hearing from her readers, so feel free to follow her blog or drop her an email.

For signed copies of her novels, more information about upcoming stories, or to follow her blog, please visit her website http://www.kathleenmaree.weebly.com

Dream often. Believe always.

Kathleen xo

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A copy of book 1, Broken Wing


Royal gold crown on dark stone surface. Concept of wealth, success and kingdom

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