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#Blog Tour #Book review of Will They Won’t They? by Portia MacIntosh @BoldwoodBooks @rararesources

Thank you to Rachel from Rachel’s Random Resources for inviting me to partcipate in the blog tour for Will They Won’t They? by Portia Macintosh, one of my favourite authors.

Will They, Won’t They?

When life goes off track sometimes the only thing you can do is go back to where it all began…

Emmy Palmer is the star of Bragadon Forest, the biggest fantasy series on TV; adored by the public, living the life of glamour and luxury in London.

But when scandal strikes, Emmy must escape the city and return to her seaside hometown to lie low and wait for the storm to pass.

Emmy’s agent decides it would be a good look to star in the community Christmas pantomime, but who else could be playing her leading man but her ex-boyfriend who she may or may not have ditched to move to London a decade ago…

As the show approaches, love and friendships blossom and the real question is – Will they? Won’t they?

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My thoughts:

Portia MacIntosh is one of my favourite authors and I always look forward to reading her newest book, knowing I can expect an entertaining storyline, unique characters and lots of funny observations.

When Emma Watson moved from a small town in Yorkshire to London and became an actress, she had to take a stage name of Emmy Palmer. She did make it big, landing a role in a fantasy TV show. Unfortunately, her character has just been axed off and there are some vicious rumours in tabloids. All of this is nothing compared to the sad news she gets from her. Emma’s wonderful grandfather passed away and her mother needs her more than ever.

Emma’s aunts would like to sell their late father’s house straightaway, but Emma knows how much her mum would appreciate more time to say goodbye to it, so she offers to buy and renovate it with the help of a gorgeous neighbour. Then somehow she ends up taking up a role in the local Christmas pantomime with her ex-love interest (the one who got away) playing the Prince Charming… and the old game of Will They, Won’t they begins….

The plot has all the makings of a Christmas Hallmark movie, but this is Portia Macintosh, so there is much more comedy than romance in the book, which explains the fact that Emma doesn’t even meet her love interest(s) until well into the book. Emma’s family is complicated and the only way to survive it and remain sane is to use your sense of humour. Emma suspects she might be the only ‘normal’ person in her family. Wait till you meet her indomitable aunt Vee, you might just agree with Emma!

There is a very large cast of characters – family members, colleagues, old friendships, new acquaintances, aunt’s dates etc. Portia MacIntosh has a gift for creating unique (‘One of a kind!’) characters, although I would have prefered fewer and more streamlined storylines/subplots.
Emma herself isn’t a cold, self-obsessed celebrity (although one of the characters says she can be a bit oblivious to what is going on with other people), she is very likeable and it’s impossible not to wish her happiness and true love.

The way I see it, the book is mostly about figuring what matters the most -family (immediate and extended), real friends, home, kindness, small and large gestures that show that you care (and some of them were really impressive!). Recommended to anyone who enjoys a well-written, funny, and uplifting story.

Thank you to Rachel from Rachel’s Random Resources, NetGalley and Boldwood Books for the review copy, provided in exchange for an honest opinion.

Author Bio 
 Portia MacIntosh is a bestselling romantic comedy author of 16 novels, including The Plus One Pact and My Great Ex-Scape. Previously a music journalist, Portia writes hilarious stories, drawing on her real life experiences.
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  1. Great review Toni. I just checked and the audiobook is already available at my library, through Hoopla, so I am adding this one. I love humour and uplifiting stories with some romance so this ticks the boxes for sure.

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