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Carrying Clover
Newly single Camille Robins luck is about to change as she embarks on a new chapter of her life, moving to the city near her best friend, Lizzie.

A chance meeting at Lou’s B&B, Camille meets George, a handsome man who sweeps her off her feet.

Can Lizzie forgive Camille for stealing her previous boyfriend, or will she seek revenge?

Camille can’t believe her luck! George can’t believe how perfect she is….

Was it a fate romance, or part of an evil plan?

A fresh new twist on a psychological thriller, fast-paced, clever, and thought provoking that will make you question who is the lucky one.

Luck, love, deceit, and heartbreak will keep you turning the page. And a breathtaking twist you won’t see coming, will stay with you long after you have finished reading.

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My thoughts:
Carrying Clover is a psychological thriller/ suspense set in Somerset and Bristol, UK. It is steady-paced, has a limited set of interesting characters and a well-thought-through plot.

The protagonist of the novel Camille has just come out of an abusive/controlling relationship. She is quite vulnerable, but her mental attitude is overwhelmingly positive-she is finally free to live her life the way she wants and this includes rebuilding her relationship with Lizzie, Camille’s foster sister, and starting a new job in Bristol. While she is waiting for the keys to her perfect new flat (bought with her inheritance money), she checks into a B&B where she meets the sweet owner oftheB&B  Lou and baby Sophia. At 34, Camille can’t wait to start her own family. There’s only one more protagonist of this suspenseful read that is missing. Meet George, a determined sales rep from Bristol, who often stays at Lou’s B&B and clearly doesn’t waste his time charming the socks off Camille.

The story is mostly told in from Camille’s POV , and I couldn’t help wondering how naive and gullible she appeared…and then Bang! we get snippets from two other characters that give us an insight into their bitterness, obsession, and evil plans concerning Camille. Another thing worth mentioning is the present tense narrative. I know it isn’t everyone’s favourite, but here it definitely enhanced the writing and made it feel more atmospheric and more immediate. I felt anxiety building up in me and was afraid for poor Camille’s life almost from the word go. Suspense with a capital letter!

Overall, it was an atmospheric read ( I wish I’d read it for my R.I.P. readathon), full of suspense and dark twists (sorry, can’t say they were impossible to predict, but give me logical and foreshadowed over unpredictable any time).  Can’t wait to read Lorey Durston’s next novel!

Author Bio – Lorey Durston is an author of thriller and suspense novels. 
CARRYING CLOVER is her debut novel.
She is currently working on her next suspense novel to be released late 2021.

Social Media Links – Twitter https://twitter.com/DurstonLorey
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lorey-Durston-Author-101764481996748
Instagram: loreydurstonauthor 

Thank you to Rachel from Rachel’s Random Resources for inviting me to participate in this blog tour and thank you for reading the post! Have a wonderful Sunday!

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