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#Book Review #The Amish Cookie Club (Book 1) by Sarah Price

Every other Friday, Edna Esh and three of her childhood friends meet to bake sugar cookies for their respective church districts on worship Sunday. It’s a time to give to the Plain community–and give support to each other as they share their joys and fears . . .

Edna’s friend, Verna Bontrager, has a problem. Her outspoken twenty-year-old daughter, Myrna, has been fired from her job. Again. Myrna’s family really needs her to chip in, but she’s clearly unsuited to customer service–not to mention that her sharp tongue scares away any boy who might come courting. But Edna has an idea–and his name is Ezekiel Riehl.

A widower with four young children, Ezekiel needs help. His house and his brood are a mess; his demeanor is gruff. It’s no surprise Myrna takes an immediate dislike to him. Yet she has no choice but to take on the challenge–and soon she starts to create order out of chaos. In fact, the kids begin to depend on Myrna–and so does Ezekiel. The truth is, she’s fallen in love with him. But if he’s to prove he’s not looking for a marriage of convenience, he’ll have to convince her of what’s in his heart . . .

(From the book blurb)

My thoughts:

This very entertaining book focuses on four middle-aged friends -Edna Esh, Mary Ropp, Wilma Schwartz, and Verna Bontreger who enjoy meeting each other and baking together twice a month. What they really want is to keep each other company, share news or ask for advice- be there for each other. They don’t actually like being called The Cookie Club, because the name implies exclusivity and membership and that is against their beliefs.

All four have grown-up children and feel that their motherhood has entered a different stage with different kind of challenges. Mary’s daughter is painfully shy, Edna’s eldest son is twenty five and isn’t in a hurry to court anyone, Wilma’s twin daughters arenotorious for their competitiveness and bickering, and Verna’s daughter Myrna has been fired from six diffrent stores for being too opinionated and outspokenwith customers. The four friends wreck their brains how to help Myrna, who isn’t spoilt or lazy, but has already aquired a reputation of being difficult.

While Myrna is helping out in her father’s shop (no talking to any customers, please,we can’t afford to lose business), the four cookie ladies are looking for another job for her. Ideally, they would like her to help out with housework or looking after children in an Amish household. When an opportunity presents itself, Myrna isn’t exactly thrilled. Ezekiel Riehl is a widower with four children, the youngest of whom is a one-year-old baby. Zeke isn’t looking for a second wife, he just wants somebody reliable and honest. Myrna may not know much about looking after kids, but she is industrious and kind-hearted. It is blatantly obvious that Zeke and his children do need her help.

The main message of the story is that communication is important. Gossip, miscommunication or lackof communication can cause a lot of intentional/unintentional harm and unhappiness, and it is better to clarify/ask direct questions than jump to conclusions and get it all horribly wrong. There is also a very important religious issue of seeking or refusing medical treatment that a couple should really discuss and see eye to eye on, if the relationship is serious.

The book is very easy to read and I really liked the main characters and their interactions. My niggle is that Myrna appears to go through a huge change in a very short time-four weeks? The club ladies say that sometimes it is better not to drag things out as long courtships do not necessarily mean stronger marriages. It could be the case that Myrna has finally found a person who does not just put up with her opinions, but appreciates them, as well as her organising skills, and this kind of mutual appreciation and respect has led to more tender feelings. I guess we will get an update in the following books.
Looking forward to reading other titles in the series!

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the review copy.

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