#Book review #All Night Long with a Cowboy (Kittredge Ranch Book 2) by Caitlin Crews @St.Martin’s Press

If you play with fire…

One of the most notorious cowboys in Cold River, Jensen Kittredge always has willing women with sweet smiles vying for a place in his bed. So when the prissy high school librarian sidles up to him in the most disreputable bar in town with a scowl on her face, he has no idea what to make of it. Much less the attraction he feels toward the bespectacled creature who wants something from him… but not that.

Someone gets burned…

Harriett Barnett doesn’t care for dens of iniquity– or the insolent cowboy she certainly shouldn’t find attractive. But one of her students needs her help, and if she needs to corral the infamous Jensen to save him, she will. Trouble is, the town’s favorite Kittredge brother is a lot more than she bargained for. Harriett’s happy little life is orderly and neat, just how she likes it–until Jensen blows it all apart with his particular brand of addictive passion. Can a modern-day schoolmarm really tame the wildest cowboy in town? Or is Harriet headed for a terrible fall?

(From the bookblurb)

Publisher: St.Martin’s 
Publication Date: August 24th
Genre: Fiction / Romance / Western     
ISBN 9781250750006, 1250750008     

My thoughts:

I am a big fan of Caitlin Crews and her cowboy stories set in Cold River, Colorado. There’s always a bit more to them than just an enjoyable story for die-hard romantics. This one made me think a lot about being pigeonholed not only by other people, but also yourself and then feeling you have to live in a certain way to conform to the set expectations.

Meet Jensen Kittredge- a charming jock in high school, a ladies’ man who never parks his truck anywhere for longer than one night, cheerful guy who knows how to diffuse any conflict or any serious talk by cracking a joke or two. People have very low expectations of him and being underestimated works for Jensen. Until Miss Harriet Bartlett, a newcomer in Cold River (why, she’s only been living there for three years), announces she won a date with Jensen and would like to claim it. Not that she wants this date to be of a romantic kind-she needs a hero! or rather a role model, to be more precise, for an inspirational talk as a part of her summer school remedial program. Everyone laughs at her, including Jensen, who jumps from planes to fight fires in summer months and is taking care of the business side of the K-Bar (the Kittredge Ranch) and yet cannot believe anyone would see him as more than a barfly or the town clown. Who is this odd catlady-librarian wearing shapeless, frumpy outfits and why is Jensen suddenly thinking about her blue eyes nobody notices behind her huge glasses?

Is there a better gift than helping another person discover a hidden part of themselves which is pure good? Jensen needs to process and address some issues from his past, while Harriet is about to discover that her singledom wasn’t due to her ‘oddness’ or her refusal to lower her expectation of being treated with respect, but more to the simple fact that she hadn’t met her match. It is difficult to say who goes through more growth in the story.
There’s also a secondary character-a teenager Harriet is heping to get back on track academically. Aiden comes from a family which has produced too many delinquents and he cannot shake off the weight of this reputation, while Jensen is a Kittredge and can rightly be proud of his hard-working, honest family. Both Jensen and Aiden want a second chance, but are afraid of trying and failing. Clearly, they can help each other, however incredible it may sound to the town.

Harriet ismy favourite character in the story. How could I not love this strong-willed, independent, selfless librarian who believes in informing, educating, never keeping knowledge or skills to herself, but sharing them in a kind and considerate way? all that and practical skirts with pockets. A woman after my heart.

Yes, there is also love and passion and quite a lot of steam, but there are also strong emotions that need to be recognised and managed. Once again, Caitlin Crews gives us an entertaining, swoonworthy story with fascinating characters! Can’t wait for the next story in the series!

Thank you to NetGalley and St.Martin’s Press for the review copy which I reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

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