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#Blog Tour #Book Review of The Do-Over by Melissa MacKinnon #Contemporary Romance @Inkslinger PR @Entangled Publishing

Title: The Do-Over
Author: Melissa MacKinnon
Genre: Contemporary Romance

About The Do-Over:
After years in the grueling California dating scene, Maggie Kelley has finally agreed to marry her Mr. Right Now. But there’s just one teensy problem…the county clerk lets her know that she’s technically still married to her Vegas fling: the best three days she ever had…and can’t actually remember. The moment she sees her very hot husband after eight years, with his works-well-with-his-hands attitude, she’s sure their wedding night must have been explosive.

The absolute last person Finnegan Garrity expected at his door is Maggie—his ultimate “one who got away.” Yet here she is in his small-town boat shop, looking just as adorable as ever…and wanting a divorce. Yeah, he has no intention of letting that happen. Now he’s got one week to convince Maggie that they’re still perfect for each other.

But he’s going to need more than just a do-over: he’s going to need a miracle.

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My thoughts:

Eight years ago Maggie Kelly went on her first trip to Vegas which was so liberating and so much fun that she just couldn’t say no to one more dare…to get married to a hot and handsome boatbuilder from Maine.

Fast forward eight years …Maggie is about to get married to a plastic surgeon with lots of important political connections. Maggie’s family are also overjoyed, even if there is no chemistry or real human connection between the engaged couple. There’s just one snag. The sexy boatbuilder Finn Garrity never filed the divorce papers. It turns out Maggie’s fiance never did care that much for her anyway, so the engagement is off, but she still needs to sort the situation out. Finnegan Garrity, you do have some explaining to do.

Now look at the things from Finn’s point of view. Yes, his gorgeous brand new wife promised to take care of their marital status. Only she never did. Even so, she is still as beautiful and feisty… Can he possibly try to convince her to give them a second chance? Before he knows, his sweet and outspoken grandmother assumes Maggie is his girlfriend (oh, look at the rock on her finger-they are engaged, let’s plan their wedding)

If you loved Sweet Home Alabama, you’ll love this book as well. There are some differences, of course, but the message is similar. Friends and family are more important than displays of wealth, power or connections. Maggie cares a lot about her career of a charity event organiser and she never loses the sight of why she does it- to help people who need these charities.

Lovely supporting characters-did I mention Finn’s Nana and his sister who has a lot ofserious stuff to deal with, but still finds time to worry about her brother’s love life? Finn’s family are a boisterous and caring bunch, very different from people in Maggie’s world.

Sweet, easy to read…if you are in need of a quick romantic read or are a fan of the second chance and fake engagement tropes, don’t miss The Do-Over.

Thankyou to NetGalley, Entangled Publishing and Inkslinger PR for the ARC provided in exchange for an honest opinion.

About Melissa MacKinnon:

Melissa spent her childhood exploring the coast of down east Maine without parental supervision and immersing herself in any book she could get her scrappy little hands on. Although she pursued a career in theater, the written word is her true calling. She leads a full life with her husband and six children traveling the country to wherever the Army sends them in her very large twelve passenger van, in what she lovingly deems “organized chaos”. She finds time to write in her “spare time”, somewhere in between soccer practices and nap time with coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. She loves creating unforgettable romance, and enjoys writing and reading everything from sexy, sword-toting heroes to spit-out-your-coffee funny romantic comedies… as long as she doesn’t get the book wet. She leaves that up to the characters.
Connect with Melissa:
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