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#Blog Tour #Book Review #New Arrivals at Hedgehog Hollow by Jessica Redland @rararesources @Boldwood Books @Jessica Redland

Thank you to Rachel from Rachel’s Random Resources for inviting me to participate in the blog tour for this uplifting book!

New Arrivals at Hedgehog Hollow
Brand new from the top 10 bestselling author of New Beginnings at Seaside Blooms and Finding Love at Hedgehog Hollow.

With new arrivals comes new responsibilities…
The sun is shining, wild flowers are blooming and Hedgehog Hollow is officially open for business.

For Samantha, the proud owner of this beautiful rescue centre, life has never been busier. But with an influx of new hogs and hoglets to take care of, not to mention a full-time job and ongoing family issues, can she accept the possibility that she has taken on more than she can handle?

Fortunately, she has the love of her life, Josh, by her side for support and encouragement. But Josh has his own family troubles to deal with. And soon he must decide if he’s ready to do the one thing he swore he’d never do – forgive his father.

For both Samantha and Josh it’s a season of change and for figuring out whether the past can ever truly be forgotten.

Escape back to wonderful Hedgehog Hollow with top 10 bestseller Jessica Redland for the perfect uplifting read full of love, hope and forgiveness.

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My thoughts:

New arrivals at Hedgehog Hollow is the sequel to Finding Love at Hedgehog Hollow. It is better read the books in order, but if you haven’t read the first one, don’t worry: Jessica provided a very helpful summary and list of recurring characters  at the beginning of the book and made me feel at home straightaway.

 Samantha/ Sammie finaly opens The Hedhog Hollow Rescue Center, and immediately has her work cut out for her with new patients brought in or left out on her doorstep. She is still recovering from her coma after her newly inherited farm was set on fire. It isn’t easy to juggle her full time teaching job with taking care of new arrivals at the hedgegog shelter, some of which are tiny new born hoglets. Luckily for her, her boyfriend Josh isn’t just understanding and supportive, he is also a veterinarian who is totally committed to animal rescue. What Sammie might not have realised before she opened the centre was that it would require her being there for her helpless patients all the time. This kind of work can also be heartbreaking as not all hedgehogs are going to survive. On top of all this,  a spate of threatening vandalism incidents puts Sammie under additional emotional strain she could really do without.

There is a lot of family drama in this book. Samantha and Josh’s relationship is getting stronger, but they both have a lot to learn about their respective families. Josh is trying to reconcile with his estranged father, while Sammie is getting a deeper insight in her own mother’s past. Not everything is what it seems at first sight. Sometimes children have a certain idea of what their parents’ marriage is like which is not entirely true.

Sammie is a wonderful character. She hates letting peope down and she is kind and considerate. Sammie has to ask herself some really hard questions to find out what she really wants from life. I love the way she often reframes her own negative experience to provide the most benevolent explanation and how she is ready to give anyone a second chance. I also really enjoyed meeting Fizz, a lovely secondary character who I hope is going to feature again in the next book.

What I liked the most about this book is all the information about hedgehogs and how to take care of them. This book is so much more than just romance (in fact, although present, it isn’t very prominent in this book). It is more about families, friendships, kindness, forgiveness and life in general.if this is something you like reading about, welcome to the world of Hedgehog Hollow!

Thank you to Rachel, Boldwood Books, NetGalley and Jessica Redland for the review copy provided in exchange for an honest opinion.

Author Bio

Jessica Redland is the bestselling author of ten novels, including The Secret to Happiness, which are all set around the fictional location of Whitsborough Bay. Inspired by her hometown of Scarborough she writes uplifting women’s fiction which has garnered many devoted fans.

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Thank you for reading the post! Have a great Sunday!

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19 replies on “#Blog Tour #Book Review #New Arrivals at Hedgehog Hollow by Jessica Redland @rararesources @Boldwood Books @Jessica Redland”

  1. Woo Hoo! So glad you enjoyed this one Toni. I love that Jessica Redland’s books are a lot more than just a romance. I am hoping to read this one this week. Can’t wait. Wonderful review!

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  2. What a lovely review, Toni. Thank you so much. I’m so happy you’ve learned so much about hedgehogs and caring from them from reading my series and those pictures you’ve shared are absolutely gorgeous. I do love to write about so much more than the romance. Families and friendships intrigue me so much because they have such a massive impact on an individual and shape how they are in any romantic relationship. And so delighted you love Fizz. She arrived unexpectedly, vibrant and fun, and we’ve definitely not seen the last of her x

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