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#Blog Tour #Book Review #The Spark by Jules Wake @rararesources

Thank you to Rachel from Racel’s Random resources for inviting me to participate in the blog tour for this lovely book. This was my first book by Jules Wake, but it definitely won’t be the last!

The Spark

Jess is falling for Sam.
Sam is falling for Jess.

But it seems life will do whatever it takes to make them fall apart.
When Jess and Sam lock eyes at a party, a spark ignites. The spark. But love at first sight isn’t like the movies, especially when Sam’s ex, Victoria, is determined to make their honeymoon period a living hell.
Is love at first sight enough?

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My thoughts:

Jess is a lovely girl. She considerate, and genuinely non-judgemental. She works with victims of domestic abuse at a refuge centre, so it is her deeply held conviction that women should be supportive of each other. Sam is a primary school teacher who works with autistic children. He’s also used to taking care of other people’s needs first. They are perfect for each other. They really are.

Sometimes it just happens that you meet a person who seems to have been made for you. But what if this soulmate of yours is already in a long-term relationship or even married? There are lines you just don’t cross, however intense your feelings are. If you are the single part of the equation, you quietly walk away. If you are the ‘taken’ part, you either forget about the spark or start questioning the relationship you are in. This is what Sam does and then…he breaks up with his long-term girlfriend. A month later he asks Jess out. Breakups are often messy. Friends and families often take sides and refuse to see the new girlfriend as anything else, but a fling, or even worse ‘the other woman’.

We see the events from Jess’s point of view and this is why I started this review by saying what a great person she is. Strong, independent, dignified, and emotionally mature. Jules Wake takes this situation and asks us explore What if ‘The Other Woman’ was the nicest person imaginable, while the ex …well, we get an exaggerated version of her behaviour, but let’s say, she is having trouble moving on.
I loved the sub-plot of Jess’s own family and their history. My heart was breaking when I read what she went through as a child. To what extent does our parents’ personal life, with its successes and mistakes influence us? Are we doomed to repeat them or do we choose how to live our lives and how to love freely?

This was a quick and entertaining read, despite all these heavy questions (and I haven’t even said anything about the social media and how they sometimes add oil to the bonfire of our past relationships). Recommended to anybody who likes looking at both sides and making their own opinion.

Thank you to NetgGalley, rachel and the publisher for the review copy. All opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way.

Author Bio –
Jules Wake announced at the age of ten that she planned to be a writer. Along the way she was diverted by the glamorous world of PR and worked on many luxury and not so luxury brands. This proved fabulous training for writing novels as it provided her with the opportunity to hone her creative writing skills.
She writes best-selling warm-hearted romantic contemporary fiction for One More Chapter as Jules Wake and was shortlisted for Romantic Novel of the Year 2019 with Notting Hill in the Snow.
Under her pen name Julie Caplin, she also writes the warm and witty Romantic Escapes series. 
Between them, the two Js have written sixteen novels, The Spark being the latest.
Social Media Links – @Juleswake Twitter
Instagram: juleswakeauthor

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