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#Book Review #Blog Blitz #Christmas at the Marshmallow Cafe by C.P. Ward @rararesources

Thank you to Rachel from Rachel’s Random Resources for inviting me to participate in the blog tour for this magical Christmas read!

Christmas at the Marshmallow Café

When downtrodden checkout assistant Bonnie Green receives a letter from a mysterious uncle, she can hardly believe her eyes.

Gifted a hundred-year lease on a famous cafe situated in the middle of a mythical theme park, Bonnie sets off with her best friend Debbie on an adventure to a hidden valley in the Lake District where they will find new friendship, love, and happiness, all set against the magic of Christmas … and more marshmallows than they can possibly eat….

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Only 99p/c until 20th December!

My thoughts:

Absolutely magical! One of those books that immediately puts you in a festive mood and makes you wish Christmas was all year round. I am quietly humming Jingle Bells, while I am writing this…just can’t help myself, sorry!

Fifty-year-old Bonnie is a checkout assistant at a supermarket. Her husband left her for another woman, her grown-up children don’t want to do anything with her, convinced that it was her fault, all her savings are gone together with her player of a husband…the only thing she has is a mortgage on her tiny house and an unusual best friend. Debbie is young enough to be her daughter, has a penchant for wearing black leather, looking like a Goth and falling in love with unsuitable guys. She is also kind, enthusiastic, and great with the Internet.

When Bonnie gets a letter from a solicitor informing her of her uncle Mervin’s death, Debbie is immediately transported to the only time she remembers meeting him. She was twelve and had just lost her father, who used to tell her marvellous stories about a wonderful place caled Christmas Land. Well, Bonnie gets a surprise of her life when she finds out that this place really exists and this is where her uncle Mervin’s shop is located. The shop which she has inherited. Only she can’t sell it as it is a 100-year lease, and it is in the Lake District which means she won’t be able to move there and keep her supermarket job…Luckily, Debbie doesn’t think that far, she simply suggests checking it out, a few days off aren’t going to hurt anyone and Bonnie needs to reconnect with her childhood memories.

What happens next is so full of adventure and wonderful discoveries, that I really don’t want to spoil the pleasure of reading this book. Like lots of other people I adore marshmallows, so finding out that they don’t always come straight from a packet, but can be home-made was such a treat! The location is beautiful and there is such a great cast of characters. The best thing for me is that Bonnie goes through an amazing transformation in this book and we all need a gentle reminder that life is wonderful and full of possibilities whatever our age or status is.

Wholeheartedly recommended. Make yourself a cup of hot chocolate and curl up with this joy of a book.

Thank you to Rachel and the author for the review copy. All opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way.

Author Bio

CP Ward is an author from Cornwall in the UK.

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Thank you for reading this post! Have a great Monday and a wonderful week!

9 replies on “#Book Review #Blog Blitz #Christmas at the Marshmallow Cafe by C.P. Ward @rararesources”

    1. Thank you, Debjani! It isn’t easy to start a new life at fifty-two. The book did remind me of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ with James Stewart and Donna Reed. Can’t imagine this season without rewatching it.
      Plus, Debbie and her banter with Bonnie is just awesome.

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