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Thank you to Nicole from IndieSagePR for inviting me to participate in the blog tour for this fast-moving romantic thriller.


When Althea meets Morgan Hunter at Muldoon’s pub for the first time, she thinks he’s a handsome, ego tripping, prissy-pants executive. She quickly rebuffs him only to find him thundering at her in the operation theater, the very next day. He’s dogged in his censure of her, but not immune to her allure. Through a snowy December Morgan courts Althea and wins her heart but not her trust.

When she travels with him at his request for Christmas to his home in Finesse, a tumble in the snow leads to the discovery of Morgan’s missing ex-girlfriend. Dead. Morgan pushes Althea away and she doesn’t understand his reasons.

Althea returns to build the new rural clinic in Finesse. She discovers the truth about Morgan’s heritage, the murdered ex-girlfriend and the secrets about the Hunter clan.

Can she save the man she loved from going to prison?

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 My thoughts:

I know my mum and my medical romance-crazy friends are going to love this gripping, twisty and fast-moving story when they get their own copies.

The story grabbed my attention straightaway. Dr Althea Paes is hard-working, humble, generous with her time and money, honest, professional- basically, she is your archetypal good girl who happens to be unlucky in love. Her cheating fiance left her just two days before the wedding and saddled her with tons of debt. Whatever she does and however hard she tries, it is never going to be good enough for her parents who will always prefer her brother to Althea. Perhaps, moving to New York from Portugal was good for her professional career, but definitely not so great for her personal life. Althea is too smart and too caring, and she doesn’t want a relationship with an expiry date.

When a goodlooking, well-dressed stranger offers to buy her a drink in a bar and would like to know if she works in St.Mary’s hospital, Althea is quick to refuse and challenge him. When it turns out that he is a member of her hospital’s executive board and a rich and powerful donor, the last thing Althea expects is Dr Morgan Hunter courting her, but that’s exactly what he does. Morgan knows he has to make her trust him, because she is one of a kind. He even asks her come and meet his family at Christmas. Little does she know what she is going to go against and how dramatic her discoveries are going to turn out.

This book has everything: medical drama (let’s face it- we, romance junkies, love our hospital TV shows), a feisty (read sarky) heroine, a crazy potential future mother-in-law (well, this just taps into every girl’s biggest fear), a couple of exes one could happily never hear about or from, a murder mystery, and a flawed male protagonist who appears to be strong and protective, but may need a bit of rescuing himself. You see why I just couldn’t put the book down until I got to its very satisfying, albeit totally traditional, ending?

There is a large cast of characters- friends, co-workers, patients, neighbours, exes, siblings, cousins-no man is an island and we all have our own networks that aren’t always easy to mesh whenever we start a new romantic relationship. My life is very different from Althea’s, but I quickly began rooting for her. Sometimes you just have to be tenacious and fight for your right to be happy and loved.

Recommended to all romantics who might have been disappointed in love once or twice, but never lost their sunny smile, or just anyone who enjoys reading about doctors falling in love and solving murder mysteries all in one book.

Thank you to IndieSage PR and the author for the review copy. Alll opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way.

About the Author

Pamela Q. Fernandes is a doctor, author, and medical writer. She hosts The Christian Circle Podcast and plays the piano. When she’s not writing or practicing medicine, she’s baking or traveling the world.

She started as an author with Seoul-Mates and since then has written many romances & other short stories. You can find out more about her https://www.pamelaqfernandes.com

website / facebook  / twitter / pinterest / bookbub / amazon



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