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 Title: Imprisoned Heir (Atlantis Institute For Dangerous Criminals, #1)
 Author: River Starr
Publication date: July 1st 2020
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance


We’re the most dangerous criminals…

They call me Nyx. Under the cover of night, I used to steal from the rich to give to the supernaturals at the bottom of the chain, and to earn enough money to find a cure for my sister’s death curse.

After an… accident we’ll call it, I ended up with a one-way ticket to the sea fae’s top prison: Atlantis. Not the lost city, but the inescapable penitentiary beneath the sea fae court. The Atlantis Institute For Dangerous Criminals is where the vilest supernatural prisoners are kept. Assassins. Murderers. Treasonists. And the three supernaturals sentenced with me are the most ruthless of the worst. Dax, the dark, enticing vampire whose gaze is too intimate for a total stranger; Titus, the fiery dragon shifter with an anger problem; and Frost, the winter fae with a chilly personality to match her ice-blue eyes.

But to escape and survive, we’ll have to work together despite our differences…

We may not get along, but we’re all we have to survive and escape Atlantis Prison. It won’t be easy. Someone thinks I’m a criminal—but I have no memory of committing the murder, and it wasn’t amnesia…

It was the other soul inside of me.

Imprisoned Heir is the first of a paranormal romance trilogy full danger, action, heart, and an enemies to lovers fated mate romance.

My thoughts:

Imprisoned Heir is a fast-moving  New Adult / Paranormal fantasy set in the world inhabited by various kinds of fae, vampires, shifters, and humans living in the kingdom of Cornwall!

The protagonist of the book, Nyx, is a sea-fae. Well. half-sea-fae, as her mother escaped the sea court and ended up living on land. Nyx doesn’t really have any magic. What she does have is loyalty to her younger sister who may soon die from a lethal curse unless Nyx finds a cure. Nyx earns her living by petty thievery, but almost everything she manages to get is spent on magic potions and counter spells to make sure Cyra lives to see another day. One of these attempts to free Cyra from her death curse goes horribly wrong and a long dead sea fae Eos gets access to her body. Their souls become entwined and now Nyx can’t liberate herself from her unwanted guest who possesses her body on a regular basis. the worst thing is that Nyx doesn’t remember anything that happens while her body is under Eos’s control. This is how she finds herself caught red-handed with two dead bodies of sea fae nobles. Nyx desperately pleads her innocence, but gets sent to the worst prison imaginable, the Atlantis Institute for Dangerous Criminals, which is buried deep in the ocean. Can she survive it and hope for a reduced sentence? Nyx knows every day she spends there  is another day that brings Cyra closer to her death. She doesn’t know who she can turn to and she definitely has no idea why she is so attracted to the prison guard who caught and arrested her at the crime scene. It defies all her the logic. She knows all he can feel for her is hate and yet, whenever she feels his magic, all her being seems to respond in a way only a life mate would.

What I liked the most about this book is the magic sea fae world created by River Starr. The criminals Nyx is stuck with are all a feisty bunch of creatures and are all endowed with their own distinct personalities and, of course, magic powers. They also have their own agenda which you have to learn step by step as you ‘immerse’ yourself in this adventure. The enemies-to-lovers trope is one of my favourite ones. You know what is going to happen, and yet, it is the journey that counts.

I also liked the shared body/dual soul theme. once you start getting Eos’s chapters, you’re hooked on the story and can’t wait for her next re-appearance. Nyx and Eos’ personalities, life experiences and motivations couldn’t be more different, and this contrast makes the story even more gripping.

Add the setting of a supernatural prison, the excitement of of competitions /trials that decide the fate of the inmates, and the terrifying figure of the Deep One (even the cruel sea fae guards fear the Deep One)- all these elements make up a fast-moving and imaginative story. The dialogue is probably not the best feature of this book, but I was ready to overlook it in my eagerness to follow the story to the end.

Of course, this is Book 1, so there is a cliffhanger. Luckily, the second book is already out. Can’t wait to read it to find out what adventures River Starr has in store for Nyx and the other characters.

Thank you to Xpresso Book Tours, the author and the publisher for the free digital copy and this opportunity to review the book. All opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way.

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    1. It was really interesting how Nyx and Eos had totally different agendas, but had to rely on the same body to survive. Plus, all the different fae and other supernaturals. The steamy scenes may not be something everyone enjoys, but otherwise it was original and entertaining. You’re my expert on the fantasy genre, so I’d love to know what you ‘d make out of this book🤗

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I classified it as NA, it just felt somewhere between YA and adult. Not exact science, of course😁 As long as it’s not an audiobook, I can always skip some stuff 😁 Your love for fantasy just shines through in your reviews❤❤❤

        Liked by 1 person

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