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#Book review #No Offense by Meg Cabot (The Little Bridge Island#2)

From the book blurb:

Welcome to Little Bridge, one of the smallest, most beautiful islands in the Florida Keys, home to sandy white beaches, salt-rimmed margaritas, and stunning sunsets—a place where nothing goes under the radar and love has a way of sneaking up when least expected… 

My thoughts:

The second book in the Little Bridge Island series by Meg Cabot is as light and enjoyable as the first one, No Judgments. This time we follow the story of the new children’s section librarian Molly Montgomery who finds a new born baby girl in the library bathroom. Sheriff John Hartwell promises to do everything possible to find the baby’s parents…and (no spoilers) he does. In the meantime, sparks of attraction fly between the pretty librarian and the sheriff, who also happens to be a newly divorced father of a teenage daughter.

Molly and John do not always see eye to eye on how to proceed with the case. Understandably, the sheriff thinks Molly should let him do his job investigating who abandoned Baby Aphrodite, as well as the recent spate of home burglaries. Molly, a great admirer of amateur sleuths and true-crime podcasts would love to give him a few tips on how to collect and process evidence. She also thinks that sometimes John lacks empathy towards the victims.

Both John and Molly are extremely serious about what they do, especially Molly, who is passionate about libraries and reading. I really liked the way she was completely non-judgemental about whatever people read as long as they read, no snobbery at all. John is slightly older and has ever been with one woman only. He married his high school sweetheart when she got pregnant, and while their divorce might have been amicable, he is at a loss on how to begin dating again. Readers who grew up on Meg Cabot’s YA novels may find it a bit more difficult to relate to the protagonists of this book. I must say a few times I felt annoyed by John’s remarks and behaviour. He keeps refering to his four-hour sexual harrassement workshop for law enforcement officers, and then makes his moves on Molly a bit too quickly. Luckily, Molly is as much interested in him physically as he is in her, so things work out in spite of their disagreements. It helps that the sides choose to apologise and admit the other side might have been right and do it with the help of various pies, including my favourite key lime pie.

Overall, the story was sweet and it was great to revisit the setting of a little island where people do not lock their doors and try to help out those in need. Meg Cabot has a very distinct writing style- it is light, enjoyable, and very easy to follow. You can always rely on her for an entertaining story with a bit of humour and lovely characters.

Thank you to Edelweiss and William Morrow Paperbacks for the ARC provided in exchange for ah nonest opinion.


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    1. Thank you, Debjani! You are right, it is a very important part. There is a scene at the end where John thought he was going to do something in one way and then thought about how Molly would feel about it and changed his original plan. I wasn’t a big fan of John’s actions throughout the book, but this bit redeemed him to some extent.

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