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# Sunday Morning For Kids # Don’t drink the pink by B.C.R.Fegan and Lenny Fen

What kind of magic ability did you wish for when you were a child?

Sweet, lovely, original… reading this book made me feel quite emotional, although it is almost impossible to explain why without giving away the secret of the pink potion

Madeline is very close to her grandfather. Everybody considers him a bit crazy, but, for her, he is just full of wonderful surprises. On her first birthday, he brings her a box of little potion bottles and asks her to choose one. She can choose any colour apart from (you guessed it!) pink. What happens next is the fulfilment of every child’s wishes for magic in their lives. Just for one day Madeline breathes fire, turns into a mermaid, controls the skies and creates fun fair rides with the power of her mind, any magic ability you wished you had as a child, Madeline gets it, as one by one, she drinks her multicoloured potions. Madeline’s birthdays are filled with sense of wonder, as she explores the magic world of child’s imagination.

Gradually, Grandpa, who has always been there for his little girl, is growing more and more frail, slower to move, unable to walk until he passes away just a month before Madeline’s fifteenth birthday. Having been close to my own grandfather for all my life until his death, I could immediately relate to Madeline’s grief and confusion.

Nothing ever is going to be the same, even though the happy days are there, stored safely in our memory. And the pink potion is there, together with our grandfathers’ message of unconditional love and understanding.

The artwork is lovely and captivating. There is so much going on that you can spend ages exploring every page of this little gem of a book. The costumes suggest that the story is set some time in the past, although the book has a timeless quality of a good fairy-tale.

This short and gentle book may help children understand better what growing old means and that their beloved family members will not be always there, which is not an easy topic to discuss, albeit inevitably necessary.

Thank to NetGalley and TaleBlade for the ARC provided in exchange for an honest opinion.

Title: Don’t drink the pink
Authors: B.C.R.Fegan, Lenny Fen (Illustrations)
Publisher: TaleBlade
Expected Publication Date: 1st of August 2019

# Sunday Morning for Kids is a variation on the meme started by Rae Longest at Powerful Women Readers.

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