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#Book review # The Wedding Party by Jasmine Guillory

Looking for a modern and diverse romance for your summer read? Read and liked Jasmine Guillory’s The Proposal and The Wedding Date? The third book in the series called the Wedding Party is coming out on the 16th of August.

The plot of The Wedding Party is pretty straightforward. Theo and Maddie have the same best friend Alexa. Unfortunately for Alexa, they themselves didn’t hit it off with each other at all. Maddie thinks Theo is pompous and boring, while Theo is convinced Maddie is as shallow as it gets. Despite all this, they suddenly find themselves madly attracted to each other to the point of starting a secret sexual relationship. They both agree to keep it secret from their best friend, but can they pull it off? and what’s the point of a relationship with a definite expiry date looming in fornt of them as Alexa’s wedding day approaches.

Maddie and Theo are way too comfortable with each other and quickly discover they might have been too hasty to judge each other. On second thoughts, Theo’s problem is that he is rather insecure and over-responsible, while Maddie really has a heart of gold and wants to help unemployed women look their best for a job interview which might help them turn their lives around.

I must admit I didn’t connect with the characters straightaway. Not until I read about Theo alphabetising Maddie’s spice rack (how organised is that?!?) and Maddie living in an uber-messy house with piles of clothes scattered all over the fllor in a haphazard manner. Of course, this was the real reason why she didn’t dare to invite Theo over. When Theo suddenly turns up on her doorstep, she has no choice but go into a panic mode and start shoving everything into her wardrobe. The characters suddenly became more relatable, although I still felt a bit annoyed with them for not giving up their pretense and just admitting they need each other.

What I liked the most about this book is Jasmine Guillory’s impeccable writing style. Not a single false note in the whole book. I will definitely try to read and review the previous books in the series as well as the sequel.

Thank you to Edelweiss and Berkley for the ARC provided in exchange for an honest opinion.

  • Have you read The Proposal, The Wedding Date or The Wedding Party? Are any of these books on your tbr list?
  • How do you feel about enemies to lovers trope? what’s your favourite book using this trope?

12 replies on “#Book review # The Wedding Party by Jasmine Guillory”

  1. I would totally have been distracted by the alphabetizing of her spices and would probably put the book down and try to do the same in my pantry. 😉 I can’t say that I recall a book with that trope. I usually read biographies, so that’s probably the driving force in that.

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  2. This sounds cute! A lot of people like Jasmine Guillory’s books and I have both The Wedding Date and The Proposal, but for some reason I just haven’t felt the pull to read them yet? There’s something that always stops me, maybe I’m worried I’ll find the characters frustrating (which is what I’ve heard a lot). I’ll definitely pick this one up if I enjoy the others 🙂

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    1. Thank you. I haven’t read the first two books in the series. Perhaps they would have given me additional insight into their story. They are just two perfectly ordinary people with no major problems in their lives, which is not something you expect from your book protagonists.


  3. This sounds like a fun read Toni. I have not read any books by this author, but have seen reviews around the blogosphere and always think I should pick one up. You have made it very tempting.


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