Past is the greatest illusion… #Book Review #The Couple by Sarah Mitchell

Whatever you think you know… you’re wrong.

Following a whirlwind four-month romance, lawyer Claire and hotel entrepreneur Angus are engaged to be married. Happy and successful, and ready to start their new life together, Claire and Angus find what they believe to be the perfect home.

But when Claire meets Mark, the man selling them the house, he looks eerily familiar. He looks exactly like the man she loved five years ago, the man she couldn’t bear to lose.

As Claire finds herself irresistibly drawn to Mark and crosses lines she never thought she’d cross, Angus’ behaviour becomes increasingly suspicious. Soon Claire doesn’t know whether she can trust Mark, Angus… or even herself.

My thoughts:

You’ve got to love an unreliable narrator- they make the most fascinating reads and the Couple by Sarah Mitchell is a great example of this.

From the first pages of this novel we get an uneasy feeling that Claire, who can turn her beauty on and off, Clare, who seemingly has it all including a great job with the Home office and a brand new rich fiance Angus, is not telling us the whole truth.

There is plenty of hints and small details, so easy to overlook, but the blurb did not lie- whatever you think you know and understand about Claire is wrong and the big twist will take you aback.

I loved the setting. Sarah Mitchell chose The Immigration tribunal as Claire’s working place to make sure we make our own opinion of Claire’s character and her choices of actions in life. Things are rarely black and white and she obviously has her own particular sense of justice. Claire is a strange mixture of strength and weakness, which is evident in her being so ready to give in to her obsession.

The Couple is one of the most gripping books I have read this year and I can highly recommend it to other lovers of mystery and thriller genre.

Thank you to NetGalley and Bookouture publisher for the ARC provided in exchange for an honest opinion.

Have you read The Couple or is it perhaps on your tbr list?

What’s the most interesting book with an unreliable narrator you have read?

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