The pure bliss of coming home- #The return by Natalia Chernysheva

A young woman gets on the bus and rides out of the big city. She arrives in the countryside, where she is as big as a giant, looming over a tiny house, a garden and her tiny grandmother.

The cabbages and the apple trees are far below. Her grandmother smiles up at her in her yellow hat. The young woman bends down to give her little grandmother a big kiss, and then she smells her grandmother’s cooking. She has returned home. When they sit down at the table, the young woman has shrunk to a child-like size, and the two share a meal together in the garden.

In this gentle, wordless story Natalia Chernysheva beautifully captures the feelings of coming home to comfort and memories and of returning to our childlike selves.

My thoughts

A wonderful picture story about home, identity and the importance of family.

My grandfather was a fantastic cook. Whenever my mum was there to visit him and we sat down for a meal, she had this unforgettable expression on her face: pure bliss. I remember trying to understand their complex relationship of a father and a grown-up daughter with her own adult responsibilities.
She told me that you are always a child as long as one of your parents (caregivers) is alive and only now I am beginning to understand her words.

Thank you to Edelweiss and Ingram Publisher Services for the ARC provided in return for an honest opinion.

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