# Book Review #Nothing but trouble by P.Dangelico

‘Nothing but trouble’ is a light enjoyable read with slow-burn-friends-to-lovers relationship in a college setting. Alice Bailey is a college transfer from New Jersey. She is fiercely independent and self-reliant. Unfortunately, on her first day at Malibu University she almost gets run over by a local water polo champion, rich, successful, and drop-dead gorgeous Reagan Reynolds.

Alice refuses any help. At first, Reagan, whose parents instilled in him a healthy fear of lawsuits, is relieved, then, he begins to feel guilty. When he realises Alice lost her job and might even have to drop out as she is not able to move without crutches, Reagan does everything to win her trust and friendship. They begin to spend more and more time together, but Reagan is convinced his last year of pre-med school is not the right time for getting involved seriously with anybody. There is a subplot about Reagan’s brother and his personal tragedy of battling a drug addiction, while being completely shunned by his parents. Eventually, Reagan does understand Alice is the person who understands him, supports him, occasionally puts him in his place and has long become somebody much more than a friend.I loved the dual POV in this novel. The story seemed so much richer being told from the two perspectives. The characters are well-written, whether you agree or disagree with their choices and their behaviour. At the beginning, Alice seemed way too sarcastic, but as the novel progresses, this quality completely disappears and instead we see a sweet and loyal girl.

I didn’t think the last twist (the last 5%) was completely necessary or overly realistic, but it didn’t take away from my overall enjoyment of the book.

I will be definitely looking forward to more novels by P.Dangelico.

Title: Nothing but trouble

Author: P.Dangelico

Publication date: 26/03/2019

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