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# Book Review #Crazy Cupid Love by Amanda Heger

Looking for a bit of light-hearted romantic reading? This month I chose a few books that seemed to cover the romance genre from different angles: a legal romance (I am a big fan of Julie James), a sports romance (yes, hockey again, there’s nothing wrong with that) and …a bit of Greek-mythology-meets-contemporary-world rom-com. And the latter one proved to be the most fun.

The main character of Crazy Cupid Love, Eliza Herman, comes from a family of Erosians, descendants of Ancient Greek God of Love, who run a slightly old-fashioned matchmaking business. Eliza, however, is a bit of a black sheep in her family- she is clumsy and prone to accidentally enchanting senior citizens, and, worst of all, she does not really believe in love. When her father suddenly falls ill, she finds out her parents’ Cupid agency is in financial trouble. Eliza is keen to stand in, but she needs to get a temporary licence even to answer phones- Cupid business is heavily regulated by A.S.S. (Affection, Seduction and Shellfish department). In order to get that, she needs a mentor who would supervise her first enchantments. Enter Jack Sanders, her childhood BFF and lifelong crush, who has somehow turned into one of the sexiest men alive. The chemistry between the two main characters is amazing, and is one of the best features of this novel. Eliza’s first three cases go really well and she begins to feel she can make her parents proud. Then, things go pear-shaped and it is up to our heroes to help the hapless couples and save the world. I must admit, I did not see the twist and did not guess the villain until the very last moment, which made it even more enjoyable for me.
I loved the humour, the banter, Eliza’s incredible predicaments, the Nereid night and, of course, Ron deserves a special mention. Everybody needs a Ron in their life…

Thank you NetGalley and Sourcebooks Casablanca for the ARC provided in exchange for an honest opinion.

Image attribution: Antonio Campoy¡Cuidado! El amor está a la vuelta de la esquina.

Title: Crazy Cupid Love

Author: Amanda Heger

Published: January 29th 2019 by Sourcebooks Casablanca


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